Seven reasons to work at Triggerfish

Here’s why Triggerfish should be your number one choice if you’re looking to develop a career in animation and you live on the continent of Africa:

1. We only work on top projects. That means no commercials (yuck), animated logos, or explainer videos.

2. We only hire the best people. And if you want to improve your skills and advance your career, you’re going to want to be around them.

3. We make narrative, character-driven films that look great on your showreel. Some of our employees have landed jobs at MPC, Animal Logic and Illumination. We don’t want you to ever leave, but if you do get itchy feet, you want a showreel that can take you places.

4. We have a full pipeline of projects for the next few years, in TV specials, feature films, games and TV series. While we can’t guarantee you uninterrupted contract work, if you’re a good fit at Triggerfish, the opportunities for the future are plentiful.

5. We’re big. With over a hundred employees and growing rapidly, we’re the largest animation studio on the African continent. This means there’s lots of opportunities to socialise with like-minded people—at our life drawing classes, our table tennis and pool tournaments, skateboarding over lunch, hiking some of the amazing trails around Cape Town, or just hanging for drinks after work.

6. We have a vision. At our heart, we want to improve the world by bringing the incredible talent from Africa to the international stage. In doing this, we want to inspire a continent and blow the minds of the global audience with our creativity, resourcefulness, and dedication to excellence.

7. We have an amazing workplace. Situated on a historical farm 20 minutes from the Cape Town city center, we have plenty of free parking, flexitime, an easy going studio vibe, hot lunches, great coffee and a people-oriented culture.

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Seven reasons to work at Triggerfish

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