Are you a Triggerfisher?

Triggerfish is an amazing platform for the best creative talent in Africa to collaborate and showcase their skills through animated storytelling and filmmaking. The awards our work has won the world over--Oscar nomination, Emmy, Annie, Cristal--are a testament to the tenacity and obsession of our team.

Here’s some of the ways you know you’d be at home at Triggerfish.

1. You're a team player
We’re a home to skateboard gangs, magic players, bikers, ping-pong players and poolsharks – a wide range of people - talented, motivated, collaborative – who live for the chance to put the most perfect version of a story onto a big screen for the world to see - as a team.

2. You’re proud
We get a buzz from upping our game every time, making our audience gasp and the storytelling sing. We love that our unique talent can strengthen a story point to make our audience feel something new, find truth in the characters, or lose themselves in the worlds we create. We’re proud to be at the forefront of making animated stories in Africa that shine on the international stage.

3. You’re humble
We’re generous by nature, sharing our knowledge and experience with each other in order to develop others on the team. We create opportunities for our teams and peers to grow and learn. We bring our individual strengths to compliment the director’s vision. We’re thrilled when our team succeeds, and we back out of the spotlight to share the credit for our success.

4. You’re curious
We’re fascinated by new ideas, will teach ourselves new software and will take a thought from a lunchtime chat right through to a working prototype. We research, evaluate, evolve. We get a thrill from putting something new in place, and seeing it change our capacity for quality and our ability to tell a better story. We get lost in picking through a movie frame by frame, just to understand what makes it so special.

5. You care about others
We’re interested in being true and trusting to ensure the best possible communication and collaboration. We care about our fellow creatives and think about ways to make a better working environment. We trust first. We give the benefit of the doubt. We hold ourselves accountable.

6. You take ownership
We value the opportunity to take on responsibility and are excited by the chance to prove ourselves capable of meeting new challenges, with a plan to follow through and succeed. We take the initiative to develop a deep understanding of the creative intent, anticipating and contributing so that we’re always taking the project in the right direction.

7. You want to reach people
We love it when a viewer tells us they’ve been inspired to reach further, be better, and hold to a higher standard of excellence. We love surprising audiences around the world with our quality and our fresh voice. We love that millions of children are having some of their first cinema experiences in front of our movies, and that we’re presenting our country and our continent to them.


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