Carina Lücke

Carina is enthralled by African stories and design. Her purpose is to empower people, create opportunities and collaborate to make an impact.

Outreach Coordinator

Thulani Simantov

Thulani’s passion is to find, develop and inspire raw untapped creative talent in Africa and thus share and celebrate African artistic excellence worldwide.

Partnership Development

Gwyneth Forrest

Gwyneth’s passion is for the development of African youth. The Triggerfish Academy and Triggerfish Foundation is where her love for the company and passion for upliftment meet.

Web & Platform Development

Aibe Elukpo

Aibe is a digital frontrunner. He is a 3D Animator, Web and Learning Platform Developer. He worked for over 9 years in the animation industry and helped to animate two Triggerfish Animation Studios feature films.