About Triggerfish Foundation

Founded by Triggerfish Animation Studios, Africa’s largest and most awarded animation studio, the Triggerfish Foundation and its Academy are uniquely suited to upskill animators, to foster networks and to make headway into bringing South African art and animation to global audiences. The activities build on the success and fruitful partnership of Triggerfish and Disney for the Story Lab initiative to support the continent’s upcoming writers with over 1,350 applicants from 30 countries in Africa.

Currently the Foundation is implementing and supporting a number of projects to stimulate the African animation industry, e.g. setting up a digital learning platform introducing African Youth to animation, conducting drawing workshops in schools and townships, implementing pan-African webinars and talent competitions, encouraging roundtable discussions as well as conducting pan-African networking activities.


  • Increase diversity & gender equality in African animation
  • Enhance youth employability by career guidance and education initiatives
  • Bring African voices to the mainstream world market
  • Generate innovative quality content for 400 million African children & the global audience
  • Contribute to a positive world image of Africa
  • Stimulate the African animation industry