Founded by Triggerfish, Africa’s largest and most awarded animation studio, the Triggerfish Foundation and its Academy are uniquely suited to upskill animators, to foster networks and to make headway into bringing South African art and animation to global audiences. 

Established in 2012, the Triggerfish Foundation is a non-profit organisation dedicated to bringing animation to underserved communities and creating a more sustainable, inclusive, and diverse industry. 

Our mission is to stimulate animation initiatives on the African continent, promote gender equality, encourage green transformation in the film industry, and create opportunities for animation careers. 

We also focus on providing education and market access for women and other historically disadvantaged groups. Uniquely positioned to build networks and promote African art and animation globally, the foundation offers extensive animation training and job creation. 
Our work builds on over a decade of training interventions conducted in collaboration with partners such as Disney, Wacom, Toon Boom, the South African National Arts Council, the Goethe-Institut, GIZ E4D South Africa, Netflix, and UNESCO.