2019 recipients of Triggerfish bursaries.

Apply for a Triggerfish Scholarship for 2021

Triggerfish is awarding 2 scholarships to exceptional historically disadvantaged South African students to study towards a 3-year diploma at the Animation School in Cape Town or Johannesburg. 

The closing date for applications is 25 October 2020. Successful candidates will be announced in early December for the 2021 academic year. The value of each scholarship is worth approximately R135,000, comprising tuition fees and a monthly stipend. 

Please note that this scholarship is only awarded for one year.  Future scholarship funding for subsequent study years will be awarded based on student performance and availability of funding.

Creative leaders

The purpose of the Triggerfish Scholarships is to develop the next generation of creative leaders for the African animation industry. The scholarships will be awarded to young South African citizens who show outstanding potential in the creative arts and meet the criteria listed below. Through their work, the community of past and present Triggerfish scholars will play a key role in developing the continent’s capacity for self-narration and will help shape the ways in which Africa’s stories are told.

Evaluation criteria

  1. Evidence of animation ability – demonstrated by providing a link to a showreel consisting of animation activities created during the Triggerfish Academy free online animation course, or similar if you’ve studied elsewhere. The principles of animation, as outlined on the Triggerfish Academy course, have to be applied successfully.
  2. A realistic vision for the African animation industry – applicants should have some understanding of the global animation landscape and how the African industry is positioned in that context. In addition, applicants should have a relatively clear vision for how he/she envisions contributing to the African industry.
  3. Leadership potential – applicants should have some evidence of taking on leadership role(s), whether formal or informal. This does not necessarily have to be demonstrated in the animation space. The applicant should show the core leadership traits of discipline, empathy, warmth and willingness to collaborate.
  4. Integrity, compassion and kindness – applicants should care about their fellow human beings and should have a strong desire to make a positive contribution to society.
  5. Nuanced appreciation of African affairs – applicants should have some awareness of the continent. It is important that applicants are able to engage with the nuances of the continent beyond a superficial love for “Africa.”


Scope of Scholarship

The Triggerfish Scholarship program is awarding 2 scholarships for the 2021 academic year. These scholarships include all tuition fees for the Animation School in Johannesburg or Woodstock (approx R80,000 per year).  In addition to tuition fees, students will be paid a stipend of R5,000 per month towards living expenses for 11 months of the academic year (R55,000).  


The program is targeted at matriculated school leavers under the age of 35 years. Applicants must be a South African citizen from previously disadvantaged backgrounds, and women are specifically encouraged to apply.

Triggerfish Internship

Successful candidates may be offered a 9-month paid internship at Triggerfish Animation studios in Cape Town after graduation.

How to apply

Step 1: Complete Triggerfish Academy activities
All applicants need to view the videos and complete the activities on the Triggerfish Academy’s free online platform (the final short film activity number 24 need not be completed). If the applicant has already completed a similar course, he/she may create a showreel of other activities but it must, at least, have a bouncing ball exercise.

Step 2: Post exercises online
Create a “showreel” of your Triggerfish Academy activities and post it as a single video on YouTube or Vimeo or similar.

Step 3: Create a LinkedIn profile
Go to and create a professional profile for yourself, including all the things you would put on your resumé. (Your LinkedIn profile will help you build relationships in the industry, and you can keep it up to date all the time).

Step 4: Apply online
Create a Triggerfish profile and link your showreel and LinkedIn profile (and your instagram profile if applicable). Also give us a motivational statement on why you’re the best candidate for this scholarship.

Step 5: Invitation to an online video interview
A shortlist of successful applicants will be invited to a video interview with the selection panel.

Apply here

Scholarships made possible with the support of the Triggerfish Foundation, the Triggerfish Animation Education Trust fund and the Animation School.

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