We draw on the expertise of the people working at Triggerfish and its partners to develop world class, industry lead content.



Visual artist and teacher in film, visual and animation

For over twenty years now Archie has made pictures for exhibition, children’s books, comics and many other reasons as well as drawing storyboards for live-action film and animation, from commercials and shorts to features and series. He has supervised storyboard and animation departments as well as completing a wide variety of animated and illustration projects for clients and as an independent artist. Archie has also been an animation, drawing and design lecturer at places like AFDA, City Varsity, False Bay College and SAE and continues to practice, learn and teach visual storytelling.



Storyboard Artist

Gina-Rae is a storyboard artist for an as of yet unannounced Netflix 3D animated feature film. She was mentored under Nathan Stanton (Pixar 22 years) in the Triggerfish Story Lab, before which she was a professional comic artist and had been featured in Johannesburg National Art Gallery.



Storyboard Artist/Comic Book Artist and Writer

Bill Masuku is a Nommo Award Nominated African comic book artist and writer born in Harare, Zimbabwe. He is the creator of comic books Razor-Man, Welcome to Dead World, and Captain South Africa. In the urban fantasy genre, he is the author of the Misfortunism series. He has been a guest speaker at events such as MCM London Comic Con, FanCon Cape Town, Comic Con Africa, Afro Comic Con and Harare Literature Festival. He was selected as British Council’s Design Futures Africa Storyteller for Zimbabwe, a project centered around sustainable development, the green future, and the informal economy. Masuku was spotlighted as an up and coming artist during DC Comics’ global event DC Fandome. His comic book artwork has exhibited in Mozambique for Maputo Fast Forward Banda Desinhada Exhibition as well as the National Art Gallery in Zimbabwe in the Green Enterprize ILO Arts and the Future of Work Competition as a finalist.




Lesego Vorster is a film director who has been working in the animation industry for over 10 years now as an Art Director, Visual Development Artist, Animator and Teacher. He co-founded The Hidden Hand Studios, a mainly 2D animation studio which focuses on elevating Authentic African Aesthetics an Narratives. He is instrumental in the development and start-up of the esteemed Tshimologong Animation Academy in partnership with IFAS and Gobelins lecole de l’image.  



Experienced entertainment professional

Nic (Nicole) West is an experienced entertainment professional passionate about curating and developing inspired teams to create quality content. She is the Co-Founder and Head of Operations at West Studio and an Adjunct Associate Professor at the University of Southern California’s Division of Animation and Digital Arts of the School of Cinematic Arts. Her professional path has led her to a career in creative production and studio management in a myriad of entertainment industries, including: Television Animation, Feature Animation and Video Games. She has been fortunate to have the opportunity to work alongside some of the most talented, passionate and creative individuals at DreamWorks Television Animation and Feature Animation, Electronic Arts, Los Angeles County Museum of Art, the Academy of Interactive Arts and Sciences, Keywords Studios (formerly Babel Media) and Brash Entertainment. Nic is active in the BRIC Foundation (Break, Reinvent, Impact and Change). The BRIC Foundation’s mission is to create new access points for women and people from underrepresented groups so they can excel at creative leadership and to enable culture change through engaging and empowering talent.  In 2012 she developed the concept and co-curated “Painting in Pixels: An Exhibition of Concept Art” at the Riverside Art Museum. She was integral in the strategic planning of the Into the Pixel exhibit from 2004 to 2007. Into the Pixel is an exhibit at the Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3) that brings together experts from the traditional fine art world and the interactive entertainment industry to display and discuss the art of video games.



Concept and Story Artist

Kudzai is a multiple award winning Illustrator, Animator, Mangaka and Co-Founder of Afro Tokyo. A Pre-Production Company that seeks to tell Africa’s vast, rich and authentic stories, only in a fresh, new and vibrant Afro-Japanese aesthetic…   He has worked on a number of Manga/Comics, Children’s Edutainment books, 2D and 3D Animated Ads in this hip, new style… that have gone on to win a handful of awards across the globe, featured and exhibited in galleries and conventions around Southern Africa under the mantra….   “Afro-Japanese Art, brewed in an African Pot”



Animation Director

Tim was among a handful of animators who pioneered the South African animation industry in the early 90’s. As there were no local schools at that time, he learned the craft from books, observation and heaps of practice. He began his journey in 3D with the first release of Maya in 1998 doing character animation and visual-effects for film, then founded his own studio, Bugbox in 2003. Bugbox focuses on character animation and has produced animated brand characters and commercials for giants the likes of Kelloggs, Nestle, Lego and Coca-Cola.   Tim believes we never stop learning this multifaceted craft. In 2000 he did a course with the late Richard Williams (director of Who Framed Roger Rabbit and author of the acclaimed Animator's Survival Kit) and in 2010 he studied online through Animation Mentor. Later he completed the ‘SEDIBA Spark’ screenwriting course and enrolled for Honours in Digital Arts at WITS in 2017. Tim is passionate about heart-felt storytelling and intrigued by animation’s capacity to infuse a character with a soul. He was Animation Director on Triggerfish’s Seal Team (2021) and Herderboy (2023 - part Disney’s anthology Kizazi Moto - Generation fire!)



Animation Producer and Editor

Kerrin has worked as a writer, director, editor, production manager and producer on a wide range of local and international productions. Some of them have even won a few awards! She studied a range of art and humanities subjects at the universities of Pretoria and South Africa, completing her MFA in Film and Television at the University of Cape Town six years later. She completed an internship in puppet-making at creature effects company CFX, then worked as a junior animator for Triggerfish under director Jacquie Trowell. Jacquie’s influence was profound and foundational, teaching leadership, kindness, patience and inspiring others with her indomitable spirit. Later Kerrin became a film school lecturer, then worked for Parliament for a number of years before fully entering the film industry. She’s currently based between London and Cape Town and co-runs Just Films which produces docs, animation and fiction films that serve a just cause.



Storyboard Artist

I had worked in the mobile game industry for almost 10 years when I finally decided to shift gears and start fresh as a storyboard artist, and I’ve been loving the journey! Since the transition, I’ve been given opportunities to work on some future Disney+ shows, and I’m thankful to be learning and expanding as an artist. I’m excited to see where this new chapter of my life takes me!



Storyboard artist and Director

Kay Carmichael, is a sought-after story artist specialising in storyboard work and comics. film director who has been working in the animation industry for over 10 years now as an Art Director, Visual Development Artists, Animator and Teacher.