Presented by: Archie Birch
Storyboarding allows creators to quickly and iteratively experiment with and develop their story and the visual language in which it will be told. In this course, you will develop an understanding of the processes, tools, and best practices of storyboarding. You will work through a series of assignments that will allow you to practice key techniques and concepts essential to developing a career as a storyboard artist. You will find reviews of work done for these assignments so that you can see how others have approached the problems and what they learned through solving them. Also presented here is a series of recorded drawing sessions from professional storyboard artists to demonstrate their varied approaches. Please check out our guest lectures for more content on storyboarding. This course serves beginner to mid-level artists.   Curriculum Design by Archie Birch. The curriculum was inspired by the Netflix Story Lab developed and presented by Nathan Stanton. Additional expert consultants: Kay Carmichael and Lesego Vorster
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Archie Birch

Visual artist and teacher in film, visual and animation

For over twenty years now Archie has made pictures for exhibition, children’s books



Storyboard artist and Director

Kay Carmichael, is a sought-after story artist specialising in storyboard work and comics




Lesego Vorster is a film director who has been working in the animation industry for over 10 years