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Hey TFA crew, we are back!!!

It is our greatest honour to announce the launch of the Storyboarding Competition. The Academy has been running a series of Storyboarding courses and a Storyboarding Competition seemed like a natural progression. As we remain in the spirit of collective African storytelling in the industry, the competition remains open to entries from all across the continent.

The competition is running from the 20th of April, till midnight of the 31st of May 2023.


What to do ?

Create a storyboard for a character driven animated short film, based on a personal memory of your choosing.

  • Think of a good visceral memory
  • Re-imagine it into a story
  • Visually communicate the emotions

What format to submit: 

  •  PDF only



  • Storytelling
  • Clear Communication
  • Staging and composition
  • Cinematography
  • Consistent characters
  • Creativity


What's next ?

The winner will be chosen by a panel of industry professionals.


The results will be announced on the website as well as on all of our social media platforms after Judging is completed in the 2nd week of June.

Sneaky tip

Watch our free online storyboard course to master storyboarding. WATCH HERE
  • Creators must be between the ages of 18 to 35—i.e. maximum 35 years on the 31st of May 2023.
  • All African nationals and/or residents are eligible & encouraged to enter. Participants will be required to prove eligibility before winning any prizes.
  • Final deadline for submission is midnight on the 31st of May 2023, South African Standard Time.
  • Judges’ decision is final.
  • All rights remain with the creator, but the creator agrees that Triggerfish Academy has the right to upload clips onto their social media platforms and to use for any other promotional purposes. In all cases the Academy will attempt to credit and tag the creator.   
  • Group entries will be considered but each group member must be credited, and each group member must comply with the age group limits. Only one prize will be issued, regardless of how many members in the group. The group should nominate a spokesperson.
  • Submissions must be in PDF and no more than 3MB.
  • The purpose of this competition is to encourage and incentivise our African youth to explore Storyboarding as a medium of positive & inspiring self-expression. The organisers reserve the right to remove any project they determine to be acting against this spirit.
  • The Storyboard must not contain offensive material. Material will be deemed offensive if it promotes racism, sexism, xenophobia, homophobia, gender intolerance, religious intolerance or just plain ole hatred. Offensive material also includes vulgar or gratuitous nudity, adult material or may be otherwise classified as pornography.
  • Creators must complete the entry form in full to be considered.
  • The visual contents of the film should not infringe on copyrighted material.
  • The organisers reserve the right to make modifications to the terms and conditions without notification.
  • The organisers reserve the right to investigate any applicant’s eligibility under the rules, and to disqualify any applicant found to have submitted false information, or not complied with the rules of entry, even if they are the winning applicant.  In this event the prize will go to the closest other contestant, at the discretion of the judges.
  • No current employee or immediate family member of Triggerfish Animation Studios, the Triggerfish Foundation, Triggerfish Academy, the Goethe-Institut, GIZ or the Walt Disney Company is eligible to receive prizes.
  • Triggerfish Academy is made possible through the support of Triggerfish, Goethe-Institut, German Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development and the Walt Disney Company. 

By ticking this box, I acknowledge that I agree to the Triggerfish Academy’s Terms and Conditions, which I have read, and that the work submitted does not violate the rights of others.

Making an Animated Short Film: Gale of the Cape

Developed by Jeani Varty and Daniela Del Castello

All footage from Gale of the Cape, work in progress footage or production images used courtesy of Jeani Varty.

Gale of the Cape was created by:

Jeani Varty – Director, Visual Development Artist, Animator
Daniela Del Castello – Co-Director, Visual Development Artist, Animator
Lola Aikins – Visual Development Artist, Animator
Tshegofatso “Toreshi” Pitseng – Visual Development Artist, Animator
Claudia Caprin – Visual Development Artist, Animator
Keiara Reddy – Animator, Visual Development Artist, Game Concept Design
David Waugh – Composer, Music
Pete O’Donoghue – Sound design

Additional Credits:

Every effort has been made to credit the creators of reference material. Please contact us if you
have any questions at 

Module 2: The Research Phase


Photo by Airam Datoon


Photos by @red_lips_n_hips,


Photo by RODNAE Productions  


Photo by Airam Datoon


Photo by Juan Cordero

02:40 – 02:49

Kick-Heart (2013) (Anime), Masaaki Yuasa

06:29 – 06:34

Warm Welcome, Co-Directors: X.K. Balashov, Anya Butler 

09:40 – 09:5

Illustrations by Charlie Herve –

Module 3: Creating the Storyboard

02:28 – 02:37
Gravity (2013), Alfonso Cuarón
The Silence of the Lambs (1991), Jonathan Demme

Shutter Island (2010), Martin Scorsese

02:49 – 03:04
Bruce Willis as John McLain. Die Hard (1988), John McTiernan

Will Smith and Martin Lawrence in Bad Boys for Life (2020), Adil El Arbi & Bilall Fallah

Beverly Hills Cop (1984), Martin Brest
Gerard Butler as King Leonidas in 300 (2006), Zack Snyder


04:00 – 04:01

Amy West “Indy Jamma Jones” – People Are Awesome
People Are Awesome Presents: Indy Jamma Jones | Roller Skating

07:46 – 07:53

Rollerblade, Freeskate in Capetown 80mm Episode 1

Freeskate in Capetown 80mm Episode 1

07:58 – 08:04

Kick-Heart (2013) (Anime), Masaaki Yuasa

08:20 – 08:26

Warm Welcome, Co-Directors: X.K. Balashov, Anya Butler

Module 4: Art Block and Pushing Through

07:25 – 07:28

Video by RODNAEProductions

Module 5: Lunch Break Character Design Method


Photo by Chi-Chi Ari Love


Photo by Amber Robinson


“The Roller Skaters of Venice Beach” – Unknown Photographer


Roberta Haze – @purplehaze75 on Instagram


Photo by Amber Robinson


Photo by Juan Cordero


Photo by Airam Datoon


Photo by RODNAE Productions  


Photo by upnorthtreasureventures (Ebay)


Image by Izabella A.J.

Image by Mathilde Loubes


Un Diable dans la Poche (2019), Antoine Bonnet and Mathilde Loubes

Module 6: Environment Design and Layout

01:25 – 02:05

Illustrations by Charlie Herve –

03:02 – 03:25

Google Street View

03:31 – 04:15

Footage courtesy of SA Webcams

04:20 – 04:30

Francesca Smith, @frankvinyl_skates on Instagram


Photo by StevenMorrow

Module 7: The Animation Process

04:41 – 04:50

Amy West “Indy Jamma Jones” – People Are Awesome
People Are Awesome Presents: Indy Jamma Jones | Roller Skating

09:36 – 09:39

Hercules (1997), Ron Clements and John Musker