Meet Malcom Wope; concept artist, animator and director. In this short video Malcolm shares his top tips to help you create a dynamic animation that will grab the viewers' attention.


Triggerfish is again on the lookout for Africa’s top aspiring animation artists. If you’re 25 years old or younger, we’re challenging you to enter your 10-second animation into our latest competition.


The competition opens 1 October 2019 and closes for entries at midnight 31 October 2019, South African Standard Time, and is open to two categories:

 • Best Animation 18 yrs and under
 • Best Animation 25 yrs and under


Show us what you’ve got! Create a 10-second character-driven animated clip based on something you care about, showing off your artistic originality and technical skills.


A dynamic, powerful 10-second action animated clip that illustrates a moment in time that is meaningful to you as someone who lives in Africa. 

We’re looking for appealing character design, thoughtful use of colour, smart use of animation principles (anticipation, squash & stretch, timing, arcs), great poses and visual impact.


• Make sure you have a Facebook profile.

 • Like the Triggerfish Academy  Facebook page for tips and examples.

 • Choose and download your free animation software here.

 • Improve your chances by watching our online training videos where you can learn some of these principles of animation.

 • Start creating your 10-second  animated clip in stop-frame, photographed drawings, or computer animation.

 • If you have any questions, ask our Facebook Community group here.


• Post completed piece to Facebook with the tag: @TriggerfishAcademy, stating your name, age and country of origin (eg ‘Hi @TriggerfishAcademy, my name is Chichima Mawo, I’m 17 years old and from Nigeria. This is my 10-second animation entry.’)

 • These chosen animations will then be shared onto the Triggerfish Academy Facebook account

 • NB: You must share your finalists post from Triggerfish Academy and advise your followers to like that one.  We will be tallying the counts from the Triggerfish Academy posts

 • The entry with the most likes by the end-of-day Sunday, 1 December 2019 wins the ultimate prize


The top 25 entries will each receive a certificate of excellence from Triggerfish Academy, and will be promoted by our social media.

The winner of the 18-and-under category and the 25-and-under category will each win a Wacom Cintiq 16” drawing tablet valued at nearly US$1,000 each.

The 6 runners up, 3 from each age category, will each win US$100.


• The intent of this competition is to encourage and incentivise African youth to explore animation as a medium of self-expression. The organisers reserve the right to remove any project they determine to be acting against this spirit

• Creators must be under the age of 25—i.e. maximum 25 years at the date of submission

• Only African nationals or residents are eligible. Entrants will be required to prove eligibility before winning any prizes

• Final deadline for submission is midnight on the 31st October 2019

*All entries must have been created specifically for this competition; no existing material or clips from existing material will be eligible

• Judges’ decision is final

• Creators agree they’re sticking to the Facebook terms of service

• Group entries will be considered but each group member must be credited, and each group member must comply with the age group limits. Only one prize will be issued per entry, regardless of how many members in the group. The group should nominate a spokesperson

• Submissions can be created in any animation medium (Stop Frame, 2D Animation, Computer Generated)

• The animation must not contain offensive material. Material will be deemed offensive if it promotes ethnic or racial hatred, violence, racial, sexual, or religious intolerance, contains vulgar or gratuitous nudity or adult material or may be otherwise classified as pornography

• Creators agree to allow Triggerfish to promote their work by linking to their work on social media, posting screenshots on social media, or any other promotional purpose

• Applicants can submit a maximum of 5 entries each

• Films shorter than 9 seconds or exceeding 11 seconds will not be considered

• Creators must provide their full name, age and country of origin, eg “My name is Malick Adama, 18 years old and live in Senegal”

• The visual and audio contents of the film should not infringe on copyrighted material

• All rights remain with the creator

• The organisers reserve the right to make modifications to the terms and conditions without notification.

• The organisers reserve the right to investigate any applicant’s eligibility under the rules, and to disqualify any applicant found to have submitted false information, or not complied with the rules of entry, even if they are the winning applicant.  In this event the prize will go to the closest other contestant, at the discretion of the judges

• No current employee or immediate family member of Triggerfish Animation, the Goethe-Institut, GIZ or the Walt Disney Company is eligible to receive prizes

Triggerfish Academy is made possible through the support of Triggerfish, Goethe-Institut, German Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development and the Walt Disney Company